C​-​Bomb's Electropedia [ep​.​1] - FREE!

by Rob J Madin



Charles Struggles (AKA. C-Bomb) makes a triumphant return with the first (and currently only) episode of his very own podcast, Electropedia, in which he begins to explore the vast world of electronic dance music.

If you enjoy this episode, please let Charles know and he might make some more.

Caitlin Clough and Luke McQueen.

0:19 - Intro
3:50 - Interview pt. 1 - Dr. Christine Harewood
10:07 - 'Genre Entre' - IDM with Philip X Parker
17:56 - Interview pt. 2 - Dr. Christine Harewood
20:55 - Wrap up


released October 20, 2020


all rights reserved


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